Matthew Cu
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Matthew upon meeting Anne

Matthew Cuthbert is Anne's father figure. He's Marilla Cuthbert's older brother, and unlike her he is gentle, kind, shy, quiet, and loving. Marilla and Mathew originally thought of adopting a boy to help Mathew with the farm but ended adopting Anne. He falls for Anne the moment he meets her, and loves the fact that she's willing to talk to him. He stayed at Green Gables all his life because his father needed looking after, and Marilla helped him.

When Anne gets older, he shows her support in whatever she feels she has to put her mind to. He begins to spoil her when she turns 14, by buying her a dress with puffed sleeves. Ever since then, he's bought her dresses, hats, and jewelry, among other things. He loves Anne, and one day when Anne's walking ahead of him at Green Gables, and he's walking behind her pulling a cow, he can't seem to get a good grip on the rope and pulls harder. He pulls so hard that he gets a pain in his arm and falls to the ground. Anne sees that he's fallen and rushes to his side, and tries to get him to get up, but Matthew won't budge, and tells Anne all about it. He says that he got old and that he didn't realize it. He calls Anne his "little girl" and how much he loves her. He bids her farewell, and dies.